Thursday, June 19, 2008

Deal of the Day and Other Randomness

So I went to Gymboree yesterday after another mom told me about their sale. I fell in love with the tulip collection when it came out around Christmas, but I never shop at Gymboree unless it is a sale. I am cheap remember.

I got this outfit for L.

And this one for S.

I am going to add a denim skit with each.

I also got these tulip ponytail holders which I plan to take apart and add the tulips to the center of hairbows for $1.99.

Along with a pair of black tights for L this winter for $.99.

GRAND TOTAL: $19.38 No too bad for a cheapo like me.

So on to the randomness.

I got this beautiful blanket from my Granny on Sunday. She has been working on it for quite awhile now. I know she thought I was crazy when I asked for lime green, but I guess I was just in a green mood that day. I can tell that we are going to get to spend a lot of quality time together this winter.

So since I can not remember what else I wanted to tell you about, I will remind you one last time to enter my giveaway. For real people, there is not going to be a winner unless someone enters. So think how good your chances are right now. So just freakin' enter already.

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