Monday, June 30, 2008

Is It Bathtime Again?

Saturdays are my normal scrubbing days. However, the one thing I do not scrub is the bathtub. That is Mr. B's job. He seems to do a much better job than me in half the time.

So Saturday, as I was cleaning, I asked him to scrub the tub. As Mr. B walked past the living room on his way to the bathroom, I heard this conversation.

Mr. B: Put your clothes back on now!

L: But I thought we were taking a bath.

Mr. B: No, Mom asked me to clean the bathtub.

L: Well can I help.

Mr. B: Only if you put your clothes back on.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Funny Pics

Maybe you will find these as entertaining as I did. (Probably not, they aren't your kids)

"Hey Mom! Guess What? I figured out where you keep the food. And you know how I like to eat." Little S

"Yes, we can play together when we want to."
(Do not look at the mess.)

She is going to kill me one day.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Is this week ever going to end?

It is going to be a miserable day. All last night I kept thinking it was Thursday, only to wake up this morning to discover it was not Friday. I am sure this was just wishful thinking. This week is dragging by.

I am also very tired and cranky. We are completely out of groceries, and I am trying to put off a trip to the store until tomorrow since it is payday. But I am not sure that is possible.

On a brighter note, I am actually having time to work on some korker bows for my website. So stay tuned, I am thinking of having another giveaway this weekend.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Naptime for Mom, NOT

Both girls went down for their nap relatively easy today. I was pretty tired since Mr. B was out of town for work last night, and I was the one who had to get up 5,000 times with the girls last night. So I decided to lay down on the couch for an hour and take a nap. Something I only remember doing about twice since S has been here.

Wouldn't you know it. I have not seen the usual neighborhood boys all summer. They seem to be getting older and suspect discovered video games. They have always seemed to congregate next door, because I think the cool parents live there. Well, they were in the driveway between the two houses during nap time today. And those firework stands that I noticed this morning popped up over night in parking lots, those boys discovered those too.

No wonder I don't try and take naps.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A Day in the Life

Wonder what a typical day looks like for us. Yeah, probably not, but I am going to tell you anyway.

We usually get up around 8. We may wake up before then, but we do not get out of bed until 8. House Rule!

I put the girls in the living room with Dora and start breakfast. Then I grab some play clothes and get them dressed. I leave them eating breakfast with Dora and oblige my internet craving for awhile. Then it is off to clean the remnants of breakfast and do my daily chores. (How come I am the only one around here with daily chores.) Doing chores also involves random internet breaks just about every time a walk by the computer.

Around 11 we lather up the sunscreen and head outside. Our activity of choice has been the kiddie pool lately. We manage to stay outside for 30 minutes to an hour, just depending on how many times little S decides to escape from the yard.

Inside we go and the girls hit the tub while I fix lunch. Yeah I know, no supermom lectures. I am like ten steps from them and hear every sound they make.

We have lunch and it is nap time. And then it is time for me to get ready for work peacefully.

Pretty boring right, but it works for us. As bad as I hate schedules, I have found the consistency equals nap time, and that is the most important part of the day.


Grandmother, 47, Gives Birth to Naturally Conceived Triplets

Check out this story it is pretty neat. And I really love how a month before she found out she was pregnant her daughter told her that there were 3 babies in her belly. I have always thought that kids can sense things without us telling them.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Half a Job, Half the Pay

If your most difficult child naps the entire time the babysitter is there, do you still have to pay her for said child? I am talking she was asleep when I left and slept until after Mr. B got home. She did not have to deal with her at all. Any where else, if you only did half a job you would only get half the pay. The things we do for our kiddos, but I am starting to rethink things in this economy.

Yeah, I know I will still pay her the usual.

Friday, June 20, 2008


Congrats Kamewh! She has won by default since no one else has entered. Be expecting my email anytime.

Hope we can all play again soon!


My mom sent me this in an email. I really hope this was a new clean pair.

High School Baby Boom

Massachusetts High School Faces Pregnancy Boom
A Massachusetts high school is facing a pregnancy boom with 17 girls entering summer vacation expecting babies in what some have called a pregnancy pact.

I know I did some dumb things in high school. But seriously, I think this might top it. IMO, these girls have lost their minds. Hope they weren't planning to go to prom.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Deal of the Day and Other Randomness

So I went to Gymboree yesterday after another mom told me about their sale. I fell in love with the tulip collection when it came out around Christmas, but I never shop at Gymboree unless it is a sale. I am cheap remember.

I got this outfit for L.

And this one for S.

I am going to add a denim skit with each.

I also got these tulip ponytail holders which I plan to take apart and add the tulips to the center of hairbows for $1.99.

Along with a pair of black tights for L this winter for $.99.

GRAND TOTAL: $19.38 No too bad for a cheapo like me.

So on to the randomness.

I got this beautiful blanket from my Granny on Sunday. She has been working on it for quite awhile now. I know she thought I was crazy when I asked for lime green, but I guess I was just in a green mood that day. I can tell that we are going to get to spend a lot of quality time together this winter.

So since I can not remember what else I wanted to tell you about, I will remind you one last time to enter my giveaway. For real people, there is not going to be a winner unless someone enters. So think how good your chances are right now. So just freakin' enter already.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Go to Bed Already

I am so thinking of staying at work an extra hour in hopes that the babysitter will have both girls in bed when I get home. It has been a long day, and I am not sure that I can handle the two of them cranky and tired tonight.

I have to show you the really good deals I got a Gymbore today, but I am exhausted. So maybe tomorrow.

Good Night, sleep tight!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Flower Pickin'

This morning, I got he lovely job of taking out the trash. I noticed my neighbor's hydrangea bush was in full bloom. Hydrangeas are my absolute favorite flowers. Then I remembered I have a bush on the side of my house that I never look at, never walk to. Thank goodness little S was snoozing away. I finally found L some shoes and out the side door we snuck with scissors in hand to create this:

14 Months!

Happy 14th month B-day, Little S! I love you more everyday.

I was reminded of this little milestone last night when Sears Portrait Studio called just like they do every month on the 16th to remind me. What would I do with out Sears? I could never remember how old my child is.

Little S has marked this month by learning to say "Poop" and does it immediately after she finishes. Mr. B suggested we start potty training. I am not sure I am ready to tackle that goal right away. I feel like I just finished with L.

S's personality is starting to come out strong. I think she is going to be a tom boy. She loves being outside and heads straight for the dirt. She also loves rocks and thinks they are food. I am scared she may break some teeth.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Show Me Some LOVE!

OK People! I know you are peaking at my blog. Please show me some love and leave me a comment or two. I mean, I am pretty much whoring myself out for comments here! So come on, be nice leave me a comment. Let me know I am loved, improve my self esteem, and all that good stuff. I am offering to give you stuff in exchange for comments, how desperate can I get.

This is the one and only warning you will get!


So our trip was pretty relaxing and enjoyable. Not too much whining and lots of sunshine. We headed out around noon on Saturday, did a little shopping and hit the water park at the magic time of half price. I know, we are cheap but when you are taking a 3 and 1 year old to a water park, it is hard to justify $60.

Also, water parks are great for the self image. You would think it would be the opposite. But not around here. I felt great keeping up with two little ones in my tankini. I have come to the understanding that I will never have that 16-21 year old never popped a kid out stomach again. I am ok with this. I would rather have the two adorable munchkins that I have now than that perfect stomach. I will however keep said stomach covered when in public. Others do not have as much sense. I saw some pretty interesting sights and glad that I had on my big sunglasses so I could stare, as I threw up a little in my mouth. I did see some cute, cute tankinis. Didn't they invent these for moms?

Sunday, we packed up and headed to the lake and played on the beach. Which was fun minus all the dead fish and a grumpy dad on Father's Day. I had to let it slide since it was his day, but he was acting like a girl. So while he was pouting and sitting on the towels, I told him to grab the camera and take a couple of pictures. I can not believe the first picture of me I am posting on my blog is in my swim suit. Good thing it's not to close. Wouldn't want to scare you away. Sorry, but you won't be getting the up close shot of my crotch I found on my camera. Thanks Mr. B, that was a nice surprise. We fed the girls some snacks. Stopped and ate at TGIFridays. Yum! and headed home so we could visit my Dad.

So for what will probably be our one and only mini-vaca this summer, we enjoyed ourselves.

Friday, June 13, 2008

More Pics for your Entertainment

So here are some more. Bet you can't tell I am a proud Mama and just a little bored at work.

This is what a one year old who refuses to go to sleep, watching Mickey Moue Clubhouse at 10 pm looks like.

"And thanks Pammy for the new dresses. You know how our psycho mom likes to dress us alike. She got it from you." L & S

When L had her pictures taken the other day, they had her pose like this. Now whenever I try and take her picture, this is what she does.

Tomorrow is our 5 year anniversary. Yep, that is right 5 years and 2 kids later we have not killed each other. Our babysitter just canceled on us, so I booked a hotel room in another town about an hour and a half away. The town is not much better than where we are, but they have a water park so I think that is what we are doing tomorrow. I did not tell Mr. B I only got a room with a king sized bed. He can just find that out when we get there.

And Father's Day is Sunday. I have not gotten one thing for either occasion. I guess I am headed to "The Walmart" after work to at least get some cards. I am such a slacker wife.

Not Another Political Post

This is not one of those ranty political posts. Although it could be because this is my blog and all. I am having a hard time getting behind any candidate. No one really excites me. (Don't tell my husband).

I really do not think anyone is going to get in there and make super huge changes that effect my everyday life. No one is going to become president and over night all of these sky rocketing prices are going to drop. Gas is never going to $.99 a gallon ever again, and I will not even start on the grocery bill.

I hate all this pointless guesstimating on the news about who is going to win where and all that crap. Can't we just wait until November and let it just be a surprise. I wonder how much these people are getting paid to sit and discuss the same thing over and over again. I bet they don't cringe at the grocery store.

And please don't get me started on this affiliation thing. This is why I could never be president. Not that ever would want to be.

So don't expect me to promote any one. I could care less who you vote for, because in all reality I don't think it will make a difference. But don't get me wrong. GO VOTE! People died for this right.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Who doesn't love a giveaway!

I meant to do this a few days ago when I shared my new online store with the blog world, but the most important part slipped my mind.

So here are the details. Leave me a comment with your email address. If you talk about my giveaway on your blog you can double your chances to win. (Don't forget to tell me you did this)
At noon on Friday, June 20, 2008 (my 1/2 b-day) I will randomly have L draw from a hat the winning name. The winner will not only be announced here, but I will email you the details of how to pick your 5 bows from my store. So even if you do not have an adorable little girl to wear these bows, I am sure you know someone who does. So enter anyway.

But wait! Everyone is going to get to win something. If you place an order between now and June 20th and you have left your comment, I will include a free bow with your order.

So start entering bloggers. The more people who enter, the more likely I will want to do this again.
I actually have started to eat tomatoes on a few things, and now they are going to either get me really sick or kill me. Why do I even bother trying new things. This happened when I started eating spinach too. Maybe I should not have been such a picky eater all my life.


Did you know Dora has brother and sister twins? The super babies are well known in our house. We actually have a Dora doll that came with a baby sling and holds both babies. Which I guess in reality is the way it should be. The big sister is the one who should carry the babies and feed them and do all that mom stuff. Apparently, I missed this important topic in mom class and wound up doing all the work myself.

Back to the doll. It came with two hard plastic babies, one in pink and one in blue. Little S found the girl baby the other night and has not let go since. I am not overexagerating either. She is permanently attached to her hand. I have yet to see her put it down.

So I guess that this doll has now become a member of our family since it has eated the last 5 meals with us, had to be bathed with the other 2, and gets a place in my bed. (Oh well, at least this one doesn't cry.) Mr. B has named this little plastic doll, LaChicka, and everytime I say it "Bowchickabowwow" plays in my mind.

So have any of your little ones gotten attached to a weird item?

The Vaccuming Queen

Bet you are jealous. I just wish this toy actually worked, and she was taking this chore off my hands. L really does go over all the floors periodically throughout the day, with no prompting.
P.S. Ignore my messy house. I have been on cleaning strike all week.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Pee Pee and Poop

So thanks to Stretch marks (I read a post about the potty whisper lady) and the McNulty Quads who have started Potty Boot Camp, I have been inspired to talk about the impossible task or potty training.

It took me a good year to potty train L and would not say that we have it completely down yet. But for all of you out there having trouble getting your little one potty trained, I feel for you.

Mr. B took L to "The Walmart" (said with all the country in me) and bought her a potty as well as a baby doll the size of her prior to the arrival of little S. He gave her the doll in the car on the way home. Mistake #1 in my book, but who is counting. The potty sat in the hall right outside the bathroom door for ever. Finally one day, I was using the bathroom, nine months pregnant, and not able to stop mid-stream and help her she decided she wanted to use her potty. So she managed to get her pants down and diaper off, sit on the potty and pee all over her self. I made a big deal of it, and she wanted nothing else to do with it.

S was born in April, and I was busy with a new baby and a 2 year old who screamed when I mentioned the word potty. I let the whole issue die. Then in October, I took S to the doctor for nasty diaper rash that would never go away or come right back. It was decided that she was allergic to disposable diapers which was breaking her skin down and then causing a yeast infection. TMI. So we had to try cloth diapers and see if it got any better. So once again, we headed to "The Walmart" for all the cloth diaper supplies I could find. At the time I did not know about the cloth diaper world that exists on the Internet. We went the old fashion route.
So we got the plastic covers and thanks to Gerber, they only make a few prints and put them on everything. So L had big girl panties and S had plastic pants in the same pattern. The next day after I got them washed and ready to go, L thought S was wearing her big girl panties. Therefore she wanted to wear big girl panties. I told her that she had to go potty first, and she walked right in there and went. I was in complete shock.

We went back to "The Walmart" and bought 21 pairs of big girl panties and the biggest bag of m&ms I could find. I tend to go a little over board. Months of accidents and frustration followed. We got to the point that I was setting my kitchen timer every ten minutes and making her go. It was at this point that I wanted to hit the next person who said, "But girls are so easy to potty train." Finally I gave up. I am talking completely gave up. She did not get to wear her big girl panties. I could care less if she sat in a wet diaper for hours. Low and behold this is the technique that worked. She started telling me she had to go and actually went. I am not saying we never have accidents, but pee pee accidents are few and far between. Poop is a whole other story, but there are medical issues that go with that.

So the moral to this story, Just give up. It is much easier.

The Lady Bug Did It

Somehow one of the windows in my living room is broken. Mr. B found it while I was at work yesterday. L told him I did it. I did not even know about it, and if I did would have come up with a good story as to why it was not my fault. He still thinks I did it, but I swear I was not even in the house when it happened.

When I got home I asked L about the window. She now claims the lady bug did it. And she seems to be sticking with this story. So watch out, we now have crazy mutant lady bugs that can break windows or 3 year olds that can make up some whopper stories.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


What were you doing 10 years ago?
Actually, it is sad. My dad just got transferred from Georgia to Missouri and we just moved. So I was hanging out all my myself, mostly running up long distance bills because I knew no one and wouldn't for 3 more months until school started.

6 Non-important things/habits/quirks?
1. I am picky about what my kids are wearing. I put more thought and effort into their outfits than I do my own and it shows.
2. I bit my nails and can not stop. I have actually done this as long as I can remember. I have never had real, long nails, and they always look disgusting.
3. I do one load of laundry a day. Sounds simple enough, but if I miss just one day, it seems to get out of control and I get cranky at the thought of catching it back up.
4. I can not sit at home and do nothing, not just watch tv or a movie. I am always doing something else while watching. This drives my husband nuts. I did not have this problem prior to the birth of little S.
5. I am a bargain shopper. I rarely by things that are not on sale, especially if they are for me. I love coupons. In all reality, I probably spend more because I think I am getting a deal.
6. I always start projects and only get about half way done with them and then quit.

Five Foods I Enjoy
1. Salads
2. Pasta
3. Alligator Tail
4. Nachos Bel Grande (How Brittany Spears of me)
5. Dr. Pepper (usually my breakfast)

Things I Would Do if I Were a Billionaire
1. Build my dream home or a few in different locations and alternate between them.
2. Start a charity for people who are trying to adopt but can not afford it.
3. Hire a maid.
4. Take lots of vacations and show the world to my girls.
5. Buy lots of clothes for my girls and me, wear them once and donate them to charity.

5 Place I have lived (way more than 5 so here are the ones I have lived in since I have known my husband)
1. My parents house
2. Really crappy 1 bedroom apartment
3. A little nicer 1 bedroom apartment
4. Townhouse
5. My current tiny, 60 + year old house

So it's your turn, if you are in the right mood and all. Don't forget to link to your blog so I can check it out.

Perfect Day

This morning I took L for her 3 year pictures. Only 3 months late, but she will be 3 for a whole year right?
On the way home I stopped and got a carryout salad and breadsticks from Olive Garden. Cooked a steak on the Forman grill and had the perfect lunch. Little S even decided to sleep through it all. I think this day is going to turn out to be pretty good minus the persistent whining from L. For now I will just continue to tune her out.
I even wore shorts in public today, and it didn't even bother me.
Hope your day is going just as well, if not, sucks to be you.

L on her actual 3rd birthday.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Once Upon A Dream

So I have started a little online store called Once Upon A Dream. Basically it is accessories that I have made for my little ones, so I thought I would give selling them a try. The majority of my items are hair bows. Because what little girl doesn't need one for every outfit. I am trying to add new items daily, so check in often.
Maybe you will find something for your little one.

The Logic of A 3 Year Old

L just came and found me in the basement doing laundry to tell me that she needed to go potty. There is no bathroom in our basement, and she can go all by herself. I guess she thinks she must ask permission first.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Missing a Newborn

So thanks to digital, I have not gotten pictures developed since November. It is not so exciting since you already know what they look like verses back in the day when the suspense killed you. Well, I finally ordered all the decent pics from November to current from my favorite pic website shutterfly. You can have your pictures shipped or pick them up in one hour at Target, and who doesn't like an excuse to go to Target.

So once I received them yesterday, I added them to the girls books. (I don't mess with that scrapbooking stuff. Too lazy) Of course I had to go through and look at them from the beginning.

I can not believe it has been over a year since my little S came into this world. I miss my tiny newborn. I really actually love tiny new babies. They are so sweet and love it when you hold them for hours and they don't fight to get down. I know I am crazy. I do remember all that middle of the night stuff, but I really don't mind early on. It is the I wants at 2am that drive me nuts.

It was this crazy thinking two years ago at this same time that got S's place in this world. So for now I have put the books up and will not be looking at them for a while.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

I was that mom today...

So I thought I would be nice and take my girls to lunch today. We hit up a pizza buffet because 1. I had a coupon and 2. the girls eat for free and I am cheap like that. So as a nice little treat, I got L a sprite. And she was lucky for getting it. I remembered to stick extra juice in the diaper bag for S, but no cup so she was SOL. (I don't need any negative feedback on this one, I know I am a bad mom.)

We sat next to the buffet so I would not look like a terrible mother leaving two small children alone as I went to get pizza. We ate, L got stuck in her chair, S banged the plate repeatedly on the table (maybe she was thirsty?) I finally had enough. I grabbed S from her highchair and L immediately started screaming about that stupid soady. I am talking major meltdown, I just wanted to cover my face and run. I felt like I was dragging her out the door. We could not get out of there fast enough. She is usually my mellow child that I can reason with, but not today.

How dare that stupid all you can eat pizza place not give you carry out cups.

A Few Pics for Your Entertainment

These 3 Own my Heart!

Mr. B and L
We went to a Cardinals game a week or so ago, and it was cold (At the end of May, only my luck). We had to find an Old Navy, and I hit the clearance sections for winter clothes. At least the two of them seemed to enjoy it.

This is S, and she is wild. She turned 1 in April and started walking a few weeks ago. I think I have lost a few pounds since then.

Trying this again

So, I really am going to do this blogging thing this time. I have started blogs before, not kept up with them, deleted them in haste and then regretted it. So I am doing this for real this time. This won't be like all those other projects I start and give up on.

So here is a little about me. I am a mom to two little princesses. We shall call them L & S and married to a wonderful man Mr. B, who is crazy. People can testify to this other than me. We also have a crazy dog, (actually craziness is a pre-req. for living in our house) named Roscoe. He use to be our baby, but then like always a baby came along and ruined that for him. I work part-time evenings at a college, and I have also ventured into a little online store. It is just in its conception, but I will share it with the blog world when things are up and running. It is another project that I promise to stick with.

Enough for now, I swear I will be back!