Thursday, June 12, 2008


Did you know Dora has brother and sister twins? The super babies are well known in our house. We actually have a Dora doll that came with a baby sling and holds both babies. Which I guess in reality is the way it should be. The big sister is the one who should carry the babies and feed them and do all that mom stuff. Apparently, I missed this important topic in mom class and wound up doing all the work myself.

Back to the doll. It came with two hard plastic babies, one in pink and one in blue. Little S found the girl baby the other night and has not let go since. I am not overexagerating either. She is permanently attached to her hand. I have yet to see her put it down.

So I guess that this doll has now become a member of our family since it has eated the last 5 meals with us, had to be bathed with the other 2, and gets a place in my bed. (Oh well, at least this one doesn't cry.) Mr. B has named this little plastic doll, LaChicka, and everytime I say it "Bowchickabowwow" plays in my mind.

So have any of your little ones gotten attached to a weird item?

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