Tuesday, June 10, 2008


What were you doing 10 years ago?
Actually, it is sad. My dad just got transferred from Georgia to Missouri and we just moved. So I was hanging out all my myself, mostly running up long distance bills because I knew no one and wouldn't for 3 more months until school started.

6 Non-important things/habits/quirks?
1. I am picky about what my kids are wearing. I put more thought and effort into their outfits than I do my own and it shows.
2. I bit my nails and can not stop. I have actually done this as long as I can remember. I have never had real, long nails, and they always look disgusting.
3. I do one load of laundry a day. Sounds simple enough, but if I miss just one day, it seems to get out of control and I get cranky at the thought of catching it back up.
4. I can not sit at home and do nothing, not just watch tv or a movie. I am always doing something else while watching. This drives my husband nuts. I did not have this problem prior to the birth of little S.
5. I am a bargain shopper. I rarely by things that are not on sale, especially if they are for me. I love coupons. In all reality, I probably spend more because I think I am getting a deal.
6. I always start projects and only get about half way done with them and then quit.

Five Foods I Enjoy
1. Salads
2. Pasta
3. Alligator Tail
4. Nachos Bel Grande (How Brittany Spears of me)
5. Dr. Pepper (usually my breakfast)

Things I Would Do if I Were a Billionaire
1. Build my dream home or a few in different locations and alternate between them.
2. Start a charity for people who are trying to adopt but can not afford it.
3. Hire a maid.
4. Take lots of vacations and show the world to my girls.
5. Buy lots of clothes for my girls and me, wear them once and donate them to charity.

5 Place I have lived (way more than 5 so here are the ones I have lived in since I have known my husband)
1. My parents house
2. Really crappy 1 bedroom apartment
3. A little nicer 1 bedroom apartment
4. Townhouse
5. My current tiny, 60 + year old house

So it's your turn, if you are in the right mood and all. Don't forget to link to your blog so I can check it out.

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