Thursday, July 17, 2008

Slowly, I am letting go

My big girl L is off to spend half a week at my mom's house next week. My sister is taking off work and will be there, so I am really not worried. But I do feel as if I am letting something go. Not quite sure what.

Mr. B is working out of town all next week, which happens to be my busiest week of work in the entire year. Great timing! Little S is due for shots on Monday, so I came up with the cray idea to let London go on her first staying with grandma trip. She is going to be six long hours away. She is super excited, but I am not sure she knows what exactly she is excited about.

I remember being the same age when I went to stay with my grandparents by myself. I cut half my hair off one side of my head when I was supposed to be taking a nap. Hummm. Wonder why I may be a little nervous? L truly is my daughter, and she is wonderfully blessed with my personality.

Since L was born my mom constantly nagged me to let her take L home or come get her without me. I have always said no, because she just was too attached. Christmas of 2006, when visiting my mom's, my sister and I went to a movie and left L home alone with my mom. She was exhausted after just 2 hours alone with her and has not asked again for her to come stay. In the same trip, my mom also left real berries (the ones you were always told not to eat) out on her coffee table for decoration. Well guess who found one and ate it. L of course, and she broke out in red blotches instantly. I rushed to the drug store to grab some benadryl. While I was gone, my mom was on the phone and L started peeling wall paper off her dining room wall. Can you see why I am a little nervous?

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