Sunday, July 20, 2008

Thanks for all the LOVE!

Wow! I am shocked by the amount of traffic I have received this weekend thanks to AFRo. She is my new hero. Having an empty house this week, I have lots of time to visit all of your blogs, so be expecting me.

Speaking of an empty house, this is lonely. I beg for peace and quiet. I finally got it, and it is creeping me out. It hasn't even been 12 hours yet. I expect things to pickup tomorrow, since S has shots and it is the first day of classes at the college I work at.

Many of you have said that you wish you found me before my bow giveaway ended. Don't worry, I have enough ribbon to make a bow for every little girl in America. It is a little bit of a fetish. I can't pass up a cute spool of ribbon. So I am sure there will be more giveaways in the future. So you are invited back.


Kimmers said...

Congratulations on all your extra traffic! Try to enjoy the rest of your peace and quiet.

Kayla said...

I love the bows!! And lucky me, I have 3 litttle ladies that love them too!
I get exactly what you mean about wanting the "alon" time, but when it actually comes you don't know what the heck to do! I remember when I had my first morning of all 3 girls in school and I had 2 hours all to my self! After cleaning and all that fun stuff...I hate to admit I was a little bored!! The noise in this house drives me crazy sometimes, but when it is gone and there is silence....I get a headache!! :)

Lauren said...

That's funny, because I ended up with a headache last night.

Migraine Mom said...

I love bows too but unfortunately my daughter hates them...she is almost 6 and has definite opinions about what she does and doesn't like :) Love your blog by the way!