Saturday, August 9, 2008

I'm too tired to think

I am so sorry that I haven't posted a winner to my giveaway. I will be on that first thing tomorrow. My lazy day was yesterday since Mr. B and I were both off work. We ended up going swimming, and if you have ever taken a 3YO and 15 MO swimming, there is no lazy about it. Today we went to the city so Mr. B could play in a poker tournament. I took the girls to a mall with lots of kiddie stuff today. Miss L peed on a mini-merry go round, and I had to go and buy her a new outfit and underwear. Wait you say, don't you carry extras in your diaper bag. Yup, I sure do. This was the second accident of the day. My arms and legs ache from pushing around 50+#'s of kids and stroller, and my head is fuzzy from trying to keep two kids from whining all day. So I promise first thing tomorrow, the three of you who entered, Miss L will draw a number from a hat, and we will have a winner.

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Scott said...

I completely understand your swimming adventure. By the time we get home from swimming I am wore out!