Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Holidays are not always what they seem

A day off from work is usually bad for me. I am required to work 24 hours per week in order to keep my insurance. Since I work at a college and in the evenings to cover night classes, I coordinate my schedule to be there during class time. My schedule changes each term. Currently there are no classes on Fridays, so I have been off.

Now I know you are thinking, 24 hours a week. That sounds so easy. With two small kiddos, I am always adding up half hours and ending up at work on a Friday for 1 hour just to make sure I am covered. Any of you moms that work 40+/week, you are my heroes. I just couldn't do it. Not to make excuses, my day can start as early as 5am. Then I head to work any where from 2-4pm after a full day of butt wiping, snack feeding and nap wrestling. By the time I arrive, most are winding down their days. But my work day is just starting. I am then usually there until 9-10pm. I can never walk through the door and go to bed, so it is 12 or 1am before I can fall asleep.

I, just like you look forward for those holidays free from work. Time to relax, spend time with friends and family, and catch up with things around the house. Since I am only part-time, I do not get paid for holidays. Which is fine with me. It just means that I need to make sure all of my hours are worked at other times during the week. BUT, every time there is a holiday, one of my kids gets sick the same week. I am not lying. Every time. And then I end up trying to squeeze 24 hours into 2 days.

Mr. B came home from work Sunday with a nasty stomach bug. The details you do not want to know. After being at work tonight for about 2.5 hours, I got a call from the babysitter that Miss L is throwing up with a fever. And to top it all off, Mr. B is working out of town tonight. (Although this is supposed to be the last time).

So I am counting. 21.5 hours left to work this week, and I will be going in late tomorrow when Mr. B gets home. That is if I don't catch this before its all said and done with.

I do feel awful for her. I hate it when they don't feel good. All pathetic looking laying around and not wanting to play. But why does this always happen when it is only a 4 day work week?

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