Monday, October 20, 2008

Got Gas?

On the way home from the pumpkin patch yesterday, we had to stop and get gas. It was $2.59 a gallon. Mr. B said as I was thinking the exact same thing, "I never thought I would be happy to pay $2.59 a gallon." It has been a long time since I have filled my car all the way up. I know it is not really that good for your car, but I haven't been able to stomach the prices. So I pick an amount (say $20) and fill up that much. I never even look at the price. I drive a little car, everywhere I go is within a few miles, so hopefully this full tank that I got yesterday at $30 will last me until next pay day. A girl can hope right?

So what are gas prices like in your area?

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AFRo said...

Just fell to $2.69 today in the Mississippi Delta. My BFF lives 4 hours south of me and it was $2.49 there two weeks ago, so I'm sure it's even better.