Thursday, October 23, 2008

Score Some Points for Me!

1. Mr. B and my mom have both commented that I looked like I have lost some weight. I do feel a little skinnier, but not noticeable weight loss. Today I tried on some tweed pants that I paid way to much for and could not bear to part with, and they fit perfectly. I have not been able to squeeze in these since I was first pregnant with Miss L.

2. I have a bi-annual argument with Mr. B as to when we can turn the AC/heat on when the seasons begin to change. It finally cooled down this weekend, and we have been freezing everyday since. Mr. B always sets some ridiculous goal as to when we can turn the AC/heat on. Today was the first day Mr. B has been home. He was cold, poor baby. He told me, "I am taking it like an adult and wearing a sweatshirt." My reply was, " The only problem with that is we don't have 4 adults living here." Later he seriously told me, "We can turn the heat on if we can have relations." Can you tell I am not taking part in the 100 Day Challenge like AFRo.

I usually just have had enough when it gets warm and turn the AC on myself when he is at work. But the heat scares me. I am always afraid he has something sitting next to the furnace that will catch on fire, and the basement is his domain. But later this afternoon, I was freezing in my fleece jacket, pj pants and thick socks. I told him, I didn't care. I was turning the heat on then. His reply, "I already did." He did not notice me then go and turn the heat up a few degrees.

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AFRo said...

I'm seriously LOL over here. Mr. AFRo still has not lit our furnace... He's supposed to do it this weekend. I always get WAY nervous about the prospect as well. Last year me and the boys took a drive around the block becuase I just know he's going to blow the entire house up.

But, that doesn't mean I want to try to light it myself. No ma'am. Never in a million years. That's a man thing for sure.