Monday, November 17, 2008

I Hate Cold

It's Monday yuck! I have been up and down since 3:45 am. I really just want to roll over and sleep. My kids are being entertained by Noggin, hundreds of toys, poptarts and juice in the living room. I am sure the baskets of neatly folded towels and clothes are doing the job also. Something I am sure I will be pissed about when I walk back in there.

The cold has finally set in here. I hate it. The only thing of comfort I have is hot chocolate. My poor kids rarely get out of the house. I feel so sorry for them since they have a recluse mom once the weather turns cold. I only step outside if necessary, plus I hate cramming a bundled up kid into a car seat. It's not fun for me or them.

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sandy said...

I hear ya! Yesterday I was cursing winter coats and carseats. Such a pain!