Thursday, November 20, 2008

It is really hard to make your 3 year old sleep in her own bed when you wake up and she is sound asleep in the middle of yours. Seriously how does her climbing into my bed over at least one adult and snuggling into the middle not wake either of us up? And how do you justify to the other who is still in a crib that it is ok for your sis to sleep where she wants, but you are trapped in your bed?


sandy said...

Just wait, when your little one gets a big girl bed, you'll have both of them in your bed like I do every morning. No wonder I'm always so tired.

Jen said...

If they are sleeping, I say let them be.

Anyway, about the camera... I like it. It has kinda lost its appeal so we put it away for a while. The only bummer is that it runs through batteries really quickly. But Hayden really, really likes it. So I think that it was a worth while gift.

Phoenix said...

hahah u have one smart kid!!