Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Twins, Twins & Sextuplets

Did you happen to catch the show on after Jon & Kate +8 last night? Twins, Twins and Sextuplets. I was pretty impressed with this family. There kids were allowed to be just kids, and it was enjoyable watching them do so. I will not compare them to the other sextuplet family on TLC, because I would not want my family compared to another. I believe that you have to figure out what works for your family and go with.

I would however like to point out a moment in the show that brought tears to my eyes. One of the older boys (couldn't tell you which one) started to describe his sister. One of the sextuplet girls has cerebral palsy. The older brother said that so many things could have gone wrong with the sextuplets, but she took it all for them. "She took one for the team."

So if you didn't catch this show last night, I hope you get a chance to see it. Not sure if it will turn into a series, but with the way TLC has been shelling out the big bucks on big families lately I'm sure it will.


Maternal Mirth said...

I want a HUGE family ... Dummy is #10 of 11 kids and I can't help but wish the same for us.

And no, I didn't catch that show (shocking because Jay is ADDICTED to J&K+8). I am sure we would have been bawling.

BTW, your captcha is DERIER ... heee-hee. That's 'butt' in French :)

Jen said...

i saw this show and I wrote a post about it too, will be published later. I thought it was great.

4under3 said...

Hey, I found you through Mck Mama and thought I'd pop on over.

I didn't see the show, but will definitely look for it. Hubs and I watch J&K+8 as a form of therapy. If they can do it, we figure we can.


p.s. Love the colorful diamonds over here. Cute!