Monday, December 8, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Check out my wreath I made this weekend. I spent $5 total (already had the ribbon). I think it is super cute. We decorated for Christmas last Thursday. I think I am finally in the mood. Especially since I am about half way through my shopping. I always dread Christmas around Thanksgiving time. I guess because I am stressing over how we will buy presents for everyone we have to buy for. But by this time in December, I usually figure out some cheap and easy gifts and can really start enjoying the season. It really sucks when your husband, yourself and even your dad are the remains of divorce. Your Christmas shopping list seems to triple.

I will not shame your eyes on my pathetic tree. The tree itself is really nice, Mr. B picked it out all by himself. But the little people are constantly ripping ornaments off, and then they just get stuck higher up. I remember why we didn't get a tree last year.

Hope you are ready for Christmas and enjoying the season. Miss L is starting to understand the real reason for the season. We have been talking and reading about Jesus's birthday constantly. Although she wants everything she sees, she is also asking if we can sing "Happy Birthday to Jesus" and make him a cake.

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