Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Birthday Giveaway Winner

The big day was a week ago. No I am not talking about Obama's big day, I am talking about my birthday. Not sure what planet I have been living on, but it definitely is not one where you blog on a regular basis.

And for the winner of the giveaway: Congrats Tara @ Two Lines On A Stick. Her sweet Bailey is less than 12 hours older than my little s. So I love seeing the differences in the two girlies. I would never compare because who compare their kid to another? And I am sure that Tara will have no problem picking out a few goodies at Once Upon a Dream with the gift certificate that I am about to email her.

I will be back soon with some details on where I've been. I know I have some explaining to do.

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Two Lines On a Stick said...

Thanks again!

If you haven't been to her online store, you have to go check it out!