Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Calling All Organizing Gurus

I have a few posts in the works and need your help with one. I am trying to get my house organized prior to the arrival to baby #3. Especially since the first comment out of every one's mouth is where are you going to put this baby. I really do have all that figured out, my house may seem small, but it works for us most days at least.

So my question/favor for you: Send me your best organization, time saving techniques, and/or strategies especially with managing a house with multiple little people. Send some pics or whatever you think would help to explain your technique. You can email me at laurenlpopp(at)gmail(dot)com. I'll post yours (with a link if you have a blog) along with a few of mine.

My hope is to find ways to make a little more space in my teeny, tiny house and to keep my life a little more manageable with 3. I also don't want to be running around here scrubbing and decluttering like a mad woman two weeks before this baby pops out. I'd prefer to do it a little more slowly and calmly. My hormonal cleaning rage or as some call it nesting is not too pleasant to witness.

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