Monday, April 13, 2009

Monday Game Day: Alphabet After Easter Egg Hunt

What? Easter is over. Why the heck would you want to hunt more eggs?

I am always looking for new games/activities to do with Miss L while little s is taking her afternoon nap. I have completely given up on getting a nap out of Miss L, so why not try and do something creative/productive/educational with her. Usually she gets to play with play dough, use scissors or another activity little s just can't handle with her crazy toddler behaviors.

Today I used all of our plastic eggs we collected over the weekend (you know while we still have whole eggs not half an egg in all colors of the rainbow) and printed out an alphabet sheet. Two actually.

I cut apart one sheet and put a letter in each egg and one golden egg with M&M's.

Then hid the eggs all over the living room and dining room while Miss L sat patiently in my bedroom.

She then went on the hunt.

We opened all the eggs and matched the letters up with the ones on the second alphabet sheet I printed.

Eventually I hope not to have to use the second sheet, but some of those trickier letters are just too hard to remember.

So what do you think of "Monday Game Days". I am always looking for new easy (easy for me that is) things to play. I am hoping to do this every Monday, wouldn't you like to join in. You don't really have to play the game on Monday, just post about it on a Monday. If you are interested, let me know. Maybe we could use a Mr. Linky next week.

Don't forget I have a giveaway going on.

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