Thursday, May 28, 2009

Diaper Delima

We have always been a pampers family thanks to my dad who has worked for the company who makes them since I was 4. But now I am having major diaper issues with my 2 year old. For awhile now we have been using Pampers Baby Dry in size 4. But they started leaking during the night. So I thought just moving her into size 5 would solve the problem. I sent Mr. B to the store for those and he came home with Cruisers (not really that big of a deal) but they are a little to big. If they are not put on perfectly, they also leak. Combine that with the fact that she can now take them off all by herself. Last night I found her completely naked in her crib about 20 minutes after I put her to bed.

So my next idea was pull ups. I have never been a fan of the name brand ones. All the fancy features we just don't need. I don't care if they get cold when you pee or change colors, I just needed something that she can not get off and holds some pee. I opted for the white cloud ones and they seem to be the most absorbent of all the pull type diapers we have tried. But at some point, they do leak during the night. So I feel like I am back to square one.

I know it is time to start potty training. But I am also following her ques. I know I put too much pressure on Miss L and this resulted in bad things. Little s often sits on the potty, but has yet to actually make anything come out. So if you have any ideas or suggestions I would gladly take them. I am seriously thinking of doubling up on diapers tonight.


sandy said...

Try Huggies. My boys leaked through everything else. After I started using them, no more leaks. That's all I used for the girls as well. As for potty training, wait until after the baby is born. If not, she may regress.

Ally said...

I dont know how much help I can be since I use cloth diapers but I do hope you find a solution soon!

You could always switch to cloth, its really not that hard! =)

Lauren said...

I bought Huggies for night time. I hope they work. She has major diaper rash issues. Nothing is ever simple with that girl. I also bought more white cloud pull ups. Those seem to be doing the trick during the day, and she has not figured out how to take them off yet.

As for cloth, we tried those when her major diaper rash problems started around 6 months. She hated them and would scream everytime she peed. I don't think she liked the wet feeling. I am not opposed to them, but we just have never had much luck with them. I know we definately would not make it through the night. And I think a leaky diaper is why she has been waking up lately.