Saturday, May 30, 2009

My Saturday Morning

"Spend the Night Party" as Miss L would say at Grandma's last night. You would have thought I would get more sleep than 11-4:30, but no. I am up and busy this morning. My current project before I go pick up the girls is getting 3 car seats across the back of my car. Fun I know, but this is one of the only free times I have to do this without having a little person around to kill. It is frustrating to say the least. Off to Walmart to buy a new car seat to see if I can make this work. Please say a prayer that I can and that people don't think I am crazy installing and cursing car seats in the parking lot. Because you better believe I am doing it there so I can walk right back in and return it when it doesn't work.

I will say one thing, I bet I got more sleep than everyone at Grandma's house. 4 kids, 4 and under. I think she has lost her mind.

ETA: It didn't work. Guess we are vehicle shopping :(

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Dana said...

Oh no! I know that frustration all too well. When I was pg with #5 we had to buy a new car. Lucky for me, it seats 8 so I can keep it even after this lil one arrives. Good luck to you. The GREAT news is it's totally a buyers market now so you should be able to get a fantastic deal. Any ideas on what you're looking for?