Saturday, May 9, 2009

Oh the Wonderful Joys of Pregnancy - Part Two

I promise no more complaining for awhile at least not until the end, I can make no promises then. I had a regular OB appt. yesterday. I of course asked the question, "Did everything look OK from my ultrasound?" Well, I have a partial placenta previa. I sort of had a feeling during my ultrasound because my placenta was low. However I was questioning it then because I am not feeling this baby move as much and not as early as in previous pregnancies. I thought that maybe I had an anterior placenta. Which I don't it is more posterior.

At 32 weeks, I will have a repeat ultrasound in hopes that as my uterus grows my placenta will move up. They will also recheck his heart because they did not get a complete look and check out all the details they prefer to do because of his position.

If it doesn't move I will have to have a c-section at 39 weeks. The thought of someone cutting into me while I am laying there awake freaks me out, plus I have never had a c-section. Also Miss L starts preschool that week. Perfect timing right. Of course like any of us would do, I came home and googled it. I read about the worse case scenario to the best case scenario. Just to freak myself out a little more. I am one of those people that knowing and understanding something before it happens keeps me from having a major panic attack at the last minute. Although when I knew that it was time to push with both girls I hyperventilated. I knew that was coming.

It just seems like this little guy keeps throwing some curve balls. And while we are at it. I am carrying completely different which has become apparent in the last week. At the end of the day my legs and feet ache, and I am not on my feet that often during the day. I am having tons of round ligament pain on top of it all.

I am thankful that this is more of a problem for me and not my little man. I know in the end whatever I have to suffer through to get him here healthy and happy will be completely worth it.

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