Wednesday, June 3, 2009

June Should = Health Kids

It's June, my kids didn't get the memo. You don't get sick this time of the year. A little nagging cough has turned into a nasty croup sounding cough accompanied by 103 degree fevers. Miss L tries to tell me she feels fine, but her eyes can't lie and the sweaty mop of hair on the top of her head is a dead giveaway to the fever she just sweated out.

This morning is pretty decent, and we were suppose to go swim but those plans are now canceled. Rain is in the forecast for the afternoon and next few days. I am sure she will feel perfectly fine then. But don't forget we can't have an illness in our house that they both don't take turns passing back and forth. I bet little s will have her turn this weekend.

I bought 2 new DVDs when I went to get meds the other day. I am sure the last one will make an appearance while I catch up on house stuff.

I am also having the whole mommy guilt thing about taking them to the doctor like usual. I am pretty sure it is viral, but fevers creep me out. My girls like to run high ones.

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