Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Little Bit of This and a Little Bit of That

Blog Slacker...Guilty as charged right here.
I haven't even been reading like I use too. I'd really like to tell you I have been doing lots of relaxing here,
but I can't.
Although I did spend a lovely morning in one of these.

I've probably been doing a little too much sleeping and actually a lot around the house cleaning wise. You can get a lot accomplished when you stay off the Internet some.

This past weekend Mr. B and I celebrated our 6 year anniversary. We headed to St. Louis Saturday afternoon all by ourselves. We ate dinner at Pujols restaurant (he's a Cardinals player by the way) and I committed a big no no in a baseball lover's dream dinner. Across the walkway was another restaurant where they had live music playing outside. So I asked to sit outside. I was thinking romantic, my husband was thinking moron. Apparently if you are going to eat somewhere for the atmosphere it is better to experience it from the inside. Next we headed to a comedy club for a 10pm show. But not before getting some ice cream. After all was said and done we headed back to our hotel were a king sized down bed awaited, and I snuggled in for some continuous non-waking kid free hours of peaceful slumber.

Other than that and spending some quality time in our backyard discovering the muddy spots along with the shady ones life has been pretty uneventful. Two little girls keep me on my toes during the day and conked out at night. A BBQ grill that is fired up almost daily is allowing my belly to grow, and a husband who happy to take care of a blossoming garden is educating my kiddos.

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