Monday, July 27, 2009

Mini-Vaca With Some Deals

We went on a mini-vaca Sunday thru yesterday. We headed about an hour and a half away to take the girls to a water park which is half price after 4pm then spent the night. I have been a little nervous about traveling too far from home but felt a little more comfortable after my ultrasound last Thursday. Plus Mr. B doesn't have much vacation time and has to save it for when the baby arrives, since his starts over 5 days after I am due.

I always feel the need to bargain shop when we go out of town, and I am usually more willing to actually make the purchase since I am at stores that we don't have at home. I can't go home and think about it for a few days. We found a discount/closeout warehouse type place and I found some great deals.

Peanut Shell Wrap - $19.99 Sunshine Kids Radian 80 - $124.99

Glamourmom Nursing Tank - $5.00

Plus some clothes for Miss L when she starts preschool and little man k at some other stores.

I also did a little camera browsing, but haven't made a final decision. I can get my camera to work for a few pics and then it craps out again. I have it narrowed down to two, but I think I spend some time looking online to see if I can find a deals. Any suggestions though? I am looking for a quick shot, nothing too big. I am realistic, I am going to be chasing 3 kids and carrying all their stuff. I am not sure that I can handle a huge camera although they do some awesome stuff.

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