Thursday, July 23, 2009

Starting My Kids Off Right

Or at least I think I am or trying. How ever you want to look at it.

I feel like most days I spend on a constant search mission for sippy cups and little plastic bowls containing the remnants of goldfish or other kiddie snacks. They can end up anywhere in my house. I say they get this from their father since I am also usually looking for his hidden dishes. Awhile back I simply started asking Miss L to put her bowl/cup in the sink when she is done. It took awhile, but she does it a lot (I won't say all the time). Then in the last few months I have started asking little s to do the same. Which is the funnier of the two to watch and listen too. For little s, it is like a commandment to return your dishes to the sink. I don't think she has swallowed her last bite before she is running into the kitchen, and I hear the clank of her dishes being thrown in. Which is pretty good since she can not even reach the sink and really does have to throw them.

This morning, Mr. B is home and cleaning up the backyard. I was making muffins but the girls wanted to go with him. I knew they were hungry and would be back soon looking for food. When they came back in, I made them there muffins and let them eat on the deck steps. I asked Miss L to put the bowls on the back inside steps when they were done. I just heard the back door open and the clank of the dishes being thrown in to the sink.

So how old should they be before they can start washing them :)?

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