Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wordy Wednesday - One Handsome, Cool Dude

This wordless Wednesday is including some words, because I owe you a blog post. I was never a fan of all the onesies that said stuff for the girls. But there is not much out there for boys and some are pretty cute.
We are all still doing pretty good. Little man is eating like crazy lately so I am sure we have hit our first growth spurt. Of course I want him to grow, but eating all night is not too good for this mom's sanity. I will survive and probably wish these days were back once he starts running around and getting into stuff.
The girls are loving on the brother any time they get a chance. Little s calls him "my baby" and Miss L thinks she can pick him up on her own. Something I didn't have to worry about last time, but it is giving me a heart attack now.
For now I must go and give him a bath, get him fed and everyone loaded up for preschool pickup. By the way, I don't know what I did before preschool. I would be going insane if it wasn't for Mon, Wed and Fri.

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Dana said...

So cute! I have a couple of cute onesies like that from Brennen...Can't wait to be able to use them again! I wish this lil guy was as anxious to be born as I am for him to be born! 10 days till D day but I think he'll be late like all the others! UGH!