Tuesday, October 20, 2009

This Mom Needs a Time Out

or just a sick day, but I have better luck getting 5 minutes alone.

Our house has a case of the crud. It started Wednesday when Miss L came home coughing. When the sun set her fever set in, which she ran until Sunday. On Sunday I started getting sick and yesterday was Mr. B's turn. We are both running a fever off and on along with some nasty coughs, headaches and soar throats. Fun stuff let me tell you.

To make things even better, little man has not let me lay him down for more than 5 minutes in the last 24 hours. He has been coughing and sneezing a little today but no fever. It probably doesn't help that all last night he laid on me while I sweated out a fever, plus I am coughing all over him. He finished eating not too long ago and was laying on my shoulder. As I coughed and coughed and coughed he didn't even flench. After a few minutes I went and layed him down in his bed. Of course within 2 minutes he was awake.

little s has a fever today too.

I stripped the girls beds down today so that I could wash some of the germs away. Around 5:30 I went to go and move them over to the dryer. I came back up to see Miss L run for the couch and little s holding the end of the bouncy seat straight up in the air. Poor guy was hanging upside down in his chair. Not to mention that it was moved halfway across the living room facing the other direction. By this point I actually had it with them. This Momma doesn't parent to well when she's sick to begin with. I sent them to bed, the beds with no sheets. After I had cooled down a little, little s started to wake up. I got her up, tried to give her some Tylenol and made her bed. Then did the same for Miss L. I was really feeling bad because tonight was suppose to be out first tooth fairy night. Thank goodness she woke up enough to go get it and put it under her pillow.

Miss L is going back to school tomorrow. She hasn't had a fever since Sunday night, but is still coughing a lot. The poor child needs to get out of this house for her sake and my sanity. She is quite the little instigator that can play things off pretty innocently.

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