Thursday, November 5, 2009

Two Months

Weight: 12 lbs (2lbs in 2 weeks)
Diapers:1-2 (we were given a huge box of 1-2's, but if not for those he would be in 2's already)
Clothes: In between 0-3 and 3-6
Little man is growing way too fast. It's killing me!
He is also starting to make little sounds other than fussing. He hasn't been sleeping too well during the day the last few days It is like he can't fall asleep deep enough to stay asleep for any amount of time. But last night he slept from 9pm to 4:30am. Neither of my girls did that for quite awhile. I hope this is a new trend we have started.
I did decide to do the Dr. Bob Sears' vaccine schedule. He got his first shot yesterday :( But it was only one and I can tell a complete difference between him getting just one and the girls getting 4 at a time. He is so much calmer and not as fussy as they were the day following shots. He hasn't even had a low grade temp.


Dana said...

He's growing so fast! Hopefully he's started sleeping better during the day now....I hope your house has managed to lose the crud too. It really stinks being mom when they're all sick and YOU'RE sick too! Take care!

Tammy said...

Love all the pics - I can't believe I just now figured out you have a blog. Thanks for sharing with us.