Thursday, June 5, 2008

I was that mom today...

So I thought I would be nice and take my girls to lunch today. We hit up a pizza buffet because 1. I had a coupon and 2. the girls eat for free and I am cheap like that. So as a nice little treat, I got L a sprite. And she was lucky for getting it. I remembered to stick extra juice in the diaper bag for S, but no cup so she was SOL. (I don't need any negative feedback on this one, I know I am a bad mom.)

We sat next to the buffet so I would not look like a terrible mother leaving two small children alone as I went to get pizza. We ate, L got stuck in her chair, S banged the plate repeatedly on the table (maybe she was thirsty?) I finally had enough. I grabbed S from her highchair and L immediately started screaming about that stupid soady. I am talking major meltdown, I just wanted to cover my face and run. I felt like I was dragging her out the door. We could not get out of there fast enough. She is usually my mellow child that I can reason with, but not today.

How dare that stupid all you can eat pizza place not give you carry out cups.

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