Saturday, June 7, 2008

Missing a Newborn

So thanks to digital, I have not gotten pictures developed since November. It is not so exciting since you already know what they look like verses back in the day when the suspense killed you. Well, I finally ordered all the decent pics from November to current from my favorite pic website shutterfly. You can have your pictures shipped or pick them up in one hour at Target, and who doesn't like an excuse to go to Target.

So once I received them yesterday, I added them to the girls books. (I don't mess with that scrapbooking stuff. Too lazy) Of course I had to go through and look at them from the beginning.

I can not believe it has been over a year since my little S came into this world. I miss my tiny newborn. I really actually love tiny new babies. They are so sweet and love it when you hold them for hours and they don't fight to get down. I know I am crazy. I do remember all that middle of the night stuff, but I really don't mind early on. It is the I wants at 2am that drive me nuts.

It was this crazy thinking two years ago at this same time that got S's place in this world. So for now I have put the books up and will not be looking at them for a while.

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Charity Donovan said...

Thank you....that is my argument exactly for not going digital yet! I know how lazy I am & I myself would go "oh crap it's been a year & I have no photos oh & my computer just crashed!" lol! You have a beautiful family! I was getting some referrals from your site so I wanted to check out your blog...hope you don't mind.