Friday, June 13, 2008

More Pics for your Entertainment

So here are some more. Bet you can't tell I am a proud Mama and just a little bored at work.

This is what a one year old who refuses to go to sleep, watching Mickey Moue Clubhouse at 10 pm looks like.

"And thanks Pammy for the new dresses. You know how our psycho mom likes to dress us alike. She got it from you." L & S

When L had her pictures taken the other day, they had her pose like this. Now whenever I try and take her picture, this is what she does.

Tomorrow is our 5 year anniversary. Yep, that is right 5 years and 2 kids later we have not killed each other. Our babysitter just canceled on us, so I booked a hotel room in another town about an hour and a half away. The town is not much better than where we are, but they have a water park so I think that is what we are doing tomorrow. I did not tell Mr. B I only got a room with a king sized bed. He can just find that out when we get there.

And Father's Day is Sunday. I have not gotten one thing for either occasion. I guess I am headed to "The Walmart" after work to at least get some cards. I am such a slacker wife.

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