Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Better than a Nanny Cam

We have a wonderful babysitter that comes on the afternoons that Mr. B and my work schedules conflict. She is constantly playing with the girls and always finds new and exciting games for them. I really could not ask for a better sitter ever.

Some days, when I leave my camera out, I find pictures on it of the girls that I did not take. The babysitter is actually taking pics of the girls while they are playing. It is really neat to see things that they are doing when I am not home.

And thanks to our sitter, I actually have a lot of pics of the second child. You know the one who is scarred when they look back through pictures of their childhood and can't find any, only ones of their older sibling.

I thought I would share some pics I found on my camera the other day. My dad brought cupcakes over for the 4th, and the girls must of gotten them for a snack the other day while I was at work.


Jen said...

I found you through AFRo and just had to comment that your girls are adorable. I have two girls too, about the same ages, and mine are baldies compared to yours!

BTW, if I had found you before, I would have entered your contest. What a pretty bow!

mom&teacher said...

ha ha! loved the comment about being scarred when there aren't any pictures of you. I am a 3rd child and the only way I knew I had a baby book was my name was engraved in a little gold plate on the front. I bug my mom all the time that I can't believe she didn't even write my name on the inside!!!! Besides that she has been wonderful! Yeah for your babysitter!

miri68 said...

Came here from Afro and totally agree with the Kate thing. She is a grump sometimes! And your little girls are too cute! I really tried with my second boy, but got distracted with everything. I need to go back through pics and do his up right. TTYL,