Thursday, July 10, 2008

Blogland, Answer Some Questions

I have some blog questions. Maybe some of you out there in blogland can answer them.

1. How do you find the number of subscribers there are to your blog?

2. What is your one piece of advice in getting more readers and comments?

3. How often do you blog and what would you consider obsessive?

4. How many people have you told IRL about your blog, and why did you tell them?

Feel free to leave a comment and answer one or all of these questions. Thanks for helping my curiosity out.


AFRo said...

First, thanks for visiting today with some comment love for me!!! I'm still reeling from the enormity of it all!

Now, this may get long, but I'll try to answer without saying too much. (that's hard for me)

1. I use a feed service ( if you use them for your reader and email subscriptions, they'll keep track of the number.

2. Put yourself out there in other's blogs. Comment often.

3. I blog daily. Sometimes more than once a day. Obsessive does not exist in blogger land.

4. Most of my friends know. But, don't get too carried away or you'll find yourself being too reserved in your writing for fear of IRL repercussion.

Hope this helps! This is what I look for in a great blog...


Mama's Losin' It said...

Hey I just linked to you from Afro...I'm gonna be talking about some of this stuff on my blog tomorrow!! Come check it out!!

Dre the Texican said...

1. Number of subscribers. They usually click on over because for some reason you can only see partial feeds for my blog. I haven't figured out how to change this yet. Other than that, I have no clue. I'm thinking it's in the millions. =)

2. Leaving meaningful comments on other people's blogs. Especially high traffic ones. Especially if you are one of the first commenters. This always gets me tons of follow up traffic, and many stay.

3. I shoot for once a day. Sometimes I miss days, sometimes I do three or four times a day. Obsessive I would consider in time rather than in frequency. More than 2 hours a day would be obsessive to me unless you are making money blogging.

4. I've told about 10-15 people IRL about my blog. Because I need their constant praise and knew they would make me feel good even when I'm posting stupid things.

Kimmers said...

2. I'm still working on this myself! Personally, I'm trying to put as many comments out there as possible. I figure that way I kill two birds with one stone... I let someone know that hey, at least one person out there is connecting with what you've got to say... and hopefully I draw in some comments of my own.

3. Currently a LOT but you know, I'm just getting started so maybe there's a learning curve? I would say there's no such thing as obsessive, but my boyfriend is super supportive so that definitely helps.

4. Currently just my boyfriend, but I'll probably tell some of my close friends soon... I think I need to build up my confidence a little first. Some days I'm reading through my posts and thinking jeez, is this even working? I'm not getting many comments, should I take a hint? I think before I share, I need to find my footing a bit more.