Thursday, July 10, 2008

Trying Harder

I am not having the best morning. Lack of sleep has accumulated over the last few nights. My nerves are shot, and being patient isn't really happening right now. L just came to announce to me that she needed to go potty. This was about the hundredth time she came to tell me something in the last 5 minutes. She is perfectly capable of going potty all by herself. So my reply was, "Just freakin' go potty." Yes, I know not really nice. But her response got me. "Mom, my pee is not freakin'" Ok, so this got me thinking, and I am trying not to be such a beotch today. Thanks L!


Veggie Mom said...

Kids often have a way of letting us know what's going on, don't they? Hope you catch up on your sleep. I DO have something that might help your mood! BTW, I'm pretty new to the blogosphere--pleased to meet ya!! I'm running a giveaway on my blog, so please drop by!

AFRo said...

LOL. That cracked me up!