Thursday, July 3, 2008

Future Juvenile Delinquent

I am looking for a boot camp for my 3 year old. Any ideas? I have got to stop this behaviour now. Who ever decided it was the terrible two's had yet to experience 3's.

This child wakes up whining and goes to bed whining. She does not stop ever. She cries and screams to get her way, and I really have never enforced this behavior. Usually I do not do what she wants until she stops the whining. She is into everything that she knows she should not be in. And I am not just talking about the innocent getting into things, she does it just to annoy me. She has also started to not tell the exact truth. Suddenly her sister does all the wrong. She tries to hide things from me that she should not have, like her sister's binky, but she is not very good at it. She asks a minimum of 500 questions a day. And her new favorite one, "Why?" Only she just repeats it and repeats and repeats. I tell her why only to hear "Why" again.

I am scared I have a future juvenile delinquent on my hands. So any suggestions would be great. By the way, I am really enjoying the little amount of talking S can do. I have no idea what I am going to do once they both are talking non-stop.


boltefamily said...

Oh my word! Thank you for this...not that I am glad you are going through it, but that I am not alone in it! My Ben who is almost two is really giving me a run for my money! He is a SCREAMER and a whiner! Let me know when you find the magic cure!

Jen said...

I feel for you Lauren! Whining is one reason I am glad I have a 3-1/2 year old boy. Believe me though, he makes up for it with other activities, such as jumping off his table and onto our ottoman. He has never watched bigtime wrestling, but this move sure mimics it well!

Scott said...

Wow, sounds like my home to me! LOL One question. Can you get yours to eat?? I swear my oldest (four in September) hasn't hardly eatin anything in the past year!