Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Picky Eater

A little about Miss L's eating style. Miss L does not eat. She has never been a big eater, and I have noticed her eating habits are a lot like mine. She goes several days without eating much at all and eats non stop one day. I have always tried to offer her a wide variety of foods, and I am constantly asking her to try new things. This usually involves a lot of tear and screaming. I don't think that children should be forced to eat things they do not like, but they should be encouraged to try new things. She is not a big meal eater, but eats small snacks through the day. So I have tried to get creative in snacks that we offer. However, since she does not eat much at all, I do give in and give her foods that I know she will eat often. She has to eat something.

Here's a list of Miss L's favorite foods. It is mostly junk food, and I know not very healthy. But I try something new everyday in hopes that something will click, and we can add a new food to our list. Shredded cheese (weird), chez-its, pop tarts, chicken nuggets, spaghetti, pizza, mac and cheese, muffins, and apple sauce. Every once and awhile, I can get her to eat some apple slices, but no other fruits and vegetables. She has even been helping Mr. B in the garden all summer, but she won't even eat things from there.

I am often at a lost in getting her to eat. I thought it was something that I did wrong, but little s eats anything that you put in front of her.

So do any of you have a picky eater? Any ideas on how to get them to try new things (other than bribing, we already do that)?


AFRo said...

My youngest tries to be a picky eater. However, I think his is just a ploy to eat up all of the parental attention at dinner time. So, we've started ignoring his requests for special stuff (Like tuna salad with NO pickles?) and he either eats what he has or nothing. I always offer him enough of what he does like to get his belly full, but if he chooses not to eat it is his choice, I've never been one to make my children eat anything.

Mini Carrots have become a fave recently here though... with a little ranch dressing to dip them in.

This Mom said...

I know that you are worries about her not eating at all. But if she gets hungry enough she will eat what is put in front of her.

I say this because I have a picky eater. It has gotten so now he eats what is front of him or goes with out. (the only exception is peas, never ate them never will).

Also I don't reall allow graising. Other wise they never really get to the hungry stage. Though up until they go to school. we do 3 meals and 2 snack but they are at set time and I have colored stickers on the clock and when the little hand is at a sticker they can eat but not otherwise.

Another thing that you can do is give her 2 choices that way she still feels like she is in control. But you decide what the choices are. Like for breakfast you can have eggs or cereal for breakfast which would you like (8am). If she then asks for pop tarts thell her that wasn't a choice today, eggs or cereal. If she does want that remind her that she can not have anything else to eat til the little hand get to the 10 or the red star.

It may be hard the first day or so but things will get better I promise.