Monday, August 25, 2008

I guess we won't be eating oranges for awhile.

In an attempt to get Miss L to eat something beside her basic three food groups of cheese (including chez-its), chicken nuggets, and cookies, I made her eat half of a small piece of Mandarin orange before she could have the pop tart she wanted instead. I could tell that she actually liked the taste despite her attempts at gagging and acting like she didn't like it. So I offered her another. As I was stabbing the fork into a new one, she projectile vomited the contents of her stomach at me. WTH? I guess this is the thanks I get for trying to get her to eat other foods.

Sorry if this is TMI. I could not help but laugh when it happened.

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This Mom said...

Okay I am new here. How old is She??? Are you fixing her only the things that she will eat and then making different stuff for you and Hubby????

Do you want her to eat what you are eating??

Oh and I can see how this would be funny, as a mom.