Monday, September 15, 2008

Advice Please

I am about to pull my hair out with our doctors office, and it is all due to one person. (And billing, but I can handle them).

Let's start from the beginning. We go to a large practice. There is a whole floor dedicated to pediatricians, and then a floor with all adult doctors and one who sees patients of all ages. Guess who we see, a very sweet lady who sees the patients of all ages. Not only do we see her, but so does Mr. B's mom, sister, grandparents, several aunts and the majority of his first and second cousins on his mom's side. She is awesome and very thorough. She always explains things so that I can understand them, but doesn't make me feel stupid at the same time. She suggests spreading out immunizations so not to overload the girls, but is very cautious with antibiotics. I would not want to change doctors for anything.

However, about this time last year, her MT decided that she needed to be paid more money. Our doctor is extremely busy and her main MT works her butt off. But she is great. I always thought that she was a nurse until some one told me different. Since the entire office was on a pay freeze, she decided to transfer to another doctor who was not so busy. So her last week working with our doctor, a nurse was bought in to train and be the new nurse for our doctor.
When they first came into the room, it was obvious that this world was moving to fast. Then it came time for little s's shots. She stuck her twice with the same needle and tried to hide it. I know this is not something that would really hurt her, but it is not good practice. I work at a nursing school, trust me I asked the opinions of very well educated people, ones who teach this to future nurses. I was mostly upset about the way that she blatantly tried to hide it. So I called our doctor and told on her. We have never had her as a nurse again. I have often heard the doctor outside the room tell some one else not to go get her to help with our family.
It was not long and our good ole' MT was back. They just couldn't make it without each other. (I am sure she got her raise, but don't know for fact.)

Flash forward to now. Poor nurse was demoted to answering phones. She answers the dang phone every time I call. She is suppose to take a message, make you an appointment or call you back with instructions from the doctor. I point blank from the beginning tell her little s has an ear infection. I know this by how she is acting, and the fact that she can not sleep. It is a mom thing, and the fact that every time she gets a cold, she gets an ear infection. I am on the phone with her forever simply to make up a bunch of symptoms so that I can get an appointment. She asks the same questions over and over again. Today she even called me back ten minutes later to ask me two questions that she already asked. But things escalated even after all this today, and I am done with her.

Another nurse called me back after I answered all her ridiculous questions. She started giving me instructions on how to suction her nose out and telling me the doctor on call would call her in cough syrup. OK so what is he doing about her ears? This cold is almost gone and I have it under control. She started apologizing saying that there was nothing in the note about her ears. The entire reason I called. So of course the doctor on call saw her in the middle of nap time. Of course she had an ear infection on her left ear and fluid in her right. Of course we needed an antibiotic that we needed to see a doctor to get a script for.

So I am just wondering if this nurse has linked the incident of her poking little s twice to her demotion? Do you think that she remembers me and is making my life miserable. Her questions are truely dumb, and I have no idea how she made it through nursing school. So I wouldn't think that she keeps wanting to look like a complete idiot to me.

So here is where I need your advice blogland. What do I do? I have been contemplating writing a letter to our doctor, but I do not want to seem like the tattling, psycho mom that I am sure I will. It is ridiculous the hurdles that I must jump over to get past this women. And I am really at my wits end, and we are just now going into cooler months which I am sure will equal more ear infections. So please tell me what you would do.....

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