Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Running through my Head Right Now...

Still some coughing and runny noses, a little fever in the evenings.
Debating whether to call the pedi or not.
Know she will want to see them.
Spend $30 in co-pays to hear it is probably just viral.
Pedi is not very generous with antibiotics.
Can't blame her.
But if I wait, what if it is pneumonia.
Then our pedi will want to know why I didn't bring them in sooner.
She will think I am the worst mother ever.
Will see how they feel in the morning.

Stop making Miss L eat stuff that she says that she doesn't like.
Even though she has never tasted it.
She has figured out how to puke on you when you do this.
How can I make her try new things without the fight?

Why is that moms are the only ones who worry about this stuff?

1 comment:

Jaci said...

I feel your pain on #1! I always hesitate taking my daughter in just for that ridiculous co-pay and to hear the words, "You just have to let it run it's course." Great. Thanks. Can I have my $ back?