Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Little About Miss L

Miss L is my girly girl. She is the princess loving, dress up queen, and the second mom of our house. Sometimes I wonder if I acted like Miss L as a child. I think that she gets a lot of her personality from me. Often I can not help but laugh at some things she does because I would do the same and the rational of her three year old mind is amazing.

Yesterday, we were getting ready to head out for lunch and run some errands. I always carry a change of clothes for both girls in the diaper bag. Since Miss L has been potty trained, I have carried extra undies as well. Accidents happen, I have learned from these experiences. It just so happens that Miss L noticed the extra pair on the way out the door, and demanded to know why they were in there. I quickly explained in case she had an accident. "I am not going to have an accident," she quickly replied and snatched the undies from the bag. She took off to her room only to reappear a few seconds later to tell me that she put them back in her drawer where they go. When we arrived back home as I was unbuckling her, she reminded me again, "See I did not have an accident." I guess she was right, but I know with my luck the day that I don't take the extras along, the accident will happen.

Also, the fair was in town at the beginning of the month. We took the girls and had a great time. The bad mom that I am did not take the camera of course. We happened to be driving by the area that the fair is located the day they were packing up and heading out of town. Mr. B pointed this out to Miss L. She immediately started crying that she did not want the fair to leave. Everyday since then Miss L has asked about the fair. She has cried real tears telling me that she doesn't want it to leave. I have tried all different explanations, but for now I am just telling her it will be back next year.

We are working on being able to identify numbers and letters right now. Unfortunately we are not getting to far. She just wants to turn the flash cards I bought over to see the picture on the back. This is why I could never be a teacher, I just do not have the patience.

This precious child forgets nothing (so I am not understanding the number and letter thing). Bribes work with her, as long as you have full intentions to come through on them. She doesn't forget about that cookie you promised at home after running errands.

This child has an enormous vocabulary. She has been talking in sentences and phrases since the age of 1, so I have always been astonished. But she still amazes me daily with the things that come out of her mouth. This morning Mr. B was doing some yard work in the back yard. She asked to go outside with him so I let her play on the deck. When she cam in side she preceded to tell me that, "Perhaps that wasn't such a good idea. My feet got wet from the grass. Could you get a towel to dry them with while I take my shoes off." "Perhaps!" What three year old uses the word perhaps correctly?

I know as Miss L continues to grow, her unique personality will shine brighter and brighter. But I can not help but wonder if she is me made over as a child.

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Will and Carley said...

Lauren, your babies are too cute =)