Wednesday, September 24, 2008

She's Stuck

I was planning "A little about little s" post to follow Miss L's, but thought I would share tonight's events since little s wanted her spotlight a little sooner.

I was walking out the door from work and got a text from Mr. B.

It read: Get home now.

Followed by: S is hurt bad.

A mother's worst nightmare. Honestly, you think the worst, your heart drops to your stomach, you forget to buckle up and speed home.

When I got home they were all three sitting on the couch. Little s seemed fine, minus the lone tear on her cheek.

"S was hanging by her head from our bed." according to Mr. B. I really couldn't imagine how the happened. So of course I got taken to the bedroom to find that some how she slipped between the mattress and the foot board. We have a Queen Anne bed from Mr. B's great grandmother. There is a decorative railing, an opening and then a panel. Her little body hung in the opening, her two feet not touching the floor, pinned at her forehead. Funny thing is, as I was told this story, I kept wondering if in between her cries she yelled, "I stuck." This is one of her favorite sayings.

She seems fine except for a little bruise on her forehead and the fact that she refused to go to sleep tonight. Since little s started crawling, I have been on my toes with her. She is always into something, but a good listener. I have a feeling that this is only one of the first heart stopping moments with her.

P.S. Only 4 more posts until my 100th!

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