Friday, September 26, 2008

New Bow Holders

This is what I did last night as I watched the new Grey's Anatomy on my fuzzy little TV in my craft room.

It has been several sleepless nights around our house. Little s finished her antibiotics from her last ear infection on Monday. She started running a fever again on Wednesday night. I had her ears checked yesterday, and one still looks a little red. But it could be the start or the end of an ear infection. So I am giving it a few more days, but I am not sure how many more nights that I can take of little sleep. She does not want to lay down.

I see tubes in our future. I hate to put her through a surgery, but we just can't keep going like this. Things were great during the summer, but we had no colds and runny noses to turn into an ear infection. Our doctor has told us 5 infections in 5 months qualifies us according to insurance. I keep thinking that we are headed that direction. First cold at the beginning of September and first ear infection to go with it. It is going to be a long winter.

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Anonymous said...

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