Wednesday, October 1, 2008

1/2 Price Halloween Items

Since it is the first day October, I want to get rid of all my Halloween items at Once Upon A Dream. I am marking everything half price, but I am giving blog readers first dibbs. Below are the items I have, if you are interested in any of these email me at LaurenLPopp(at)gmail(dot)com. I will invoice you via paypal. I will not mark these items down until Saturday so here is your chance to get first choice.

SOLD - Black Pumpkins Halloween Hair Bow - Large $2.00

SOLD - Triple Layer Candy Corn Hair Bow - Large $2.00

Halloween Clippies - Set of 3 $.75

SOLD - Black and Orange Pumpkins Hair Bow - Large $2.00
Candy Corn Hair Bow - Small $1.50

SOLD - Ghosts Hair Bow - Large $2.00

SOLD - Halloween Pillowcase Dress with Matching Hair Bow $10.00

Dress will be made to the length you specify.

Halloween Korker Hair Bow - Large $2.00

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1 comment:

Leiann said...

Way, way cute stuff. I'll have to get in touch with you!! Great deal too!