Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Phone #3

Remember when I got this phone? It was crap and they sent me a new one? Well I just got off the phone with cingular/at&t and my third phone is on the way. The second one is crap too. Every time I talk to someone, they complain of a buzzing noise that I can not hear.

The conversation with customer service was a lot better since I knew what I was doing this time. The lady kept insisting I could return it to the store. But I was persistent, if they wouldn't let me return the last one there, what makes this one so special. My account is even suppose to get a $6 credit since I paid to mail the last phone back. This time, they are sending me special labels.

I do have to give them credit. They are trying to make this right, but I am just hoping that the third phone works right. I really do not want to do this again.

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