Saturday, October 11, 2008

Busy Weekend Ahead

It is 12:10 am. I just tore my house apart to find my black gouchos to wear to a baby shower tomorrow since it will be 85 freakin' degrees in the middle of October. The girls and I will be hitting up dollar tree tomorrow since I did not read the invite for the shower to clearly before. You are to bring a book instead of a card and sign it. Which is a neat idea, unless you are slow like me and don't get one when you buy the rest of the gift and have to rush around at the last minute. Little s is staying with MIL during the shower (hope she remembers) because frankly I don't have the desire to chase her around an entire church.

I think Mr. B is taking me to dinner tomorrow night. Not sure where yet, and we don't have a sitter so the girls will be coming too. Not very relaxing, but means I don't have to cook.

Sunday my youngest nephew is turning 2. I can't believe he is getting so old. I was barely pregnant with little s when he was born, and it seems like yesterday I sat in that wooden rocking chair at the hospital holding Miss L while she held little O.

Off to bed now. Night Night~Sweet Dreams Bloggies~

I will leave you with little s in her favorite seat.

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