Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Crazy Week and A Little More About My Girls

This week is wearing me out, and it is only Tuesday. I knew that it would be this way, with the crazy work stuff I have going on. But Mr. B's new job role is draining not only him, but me too. We did get to spend a few hours together Sat. night, and we talked for about 10 minutes in person last night. It is ridiculous, and I have a feeling I will just be handing my entire paycheck to the babysitter on Friday.

Onto some other babysitter news. Her sister had a baby in the middle of August. The mom went back to work last week, so our sitter is keeping her nephew until he is a little older before he starts full time daycare. So guess what, he has been coming to our house a few days a week. I got out our bassinet and washed it. I am working on the play mat, but I am also trying to stay away from him, since we all know that I already have baby fever.

It is the sweetest seeing my girls with him though. They adore him. Miss L is all about holding and feeding him (supervised of course) and little s wants his binky in his mouth constantly. She wants to be right beside him and is always trying to tickle him. I think that she really wants to hold him because when our sitter is holding him she puts out her arms like she wants to be picked up, but doesn't really want to. That girl confirms my belief that wild ones (you know the ones that you swear can climb flat walls) are the sweetest most lovable kiddos. Let her run and be free, wild and crazy, but stick around because she will take a break just to run over and give you the best hug. Then she is off again. I never remember Miss L being like this, but she is lovable in a much gentler, easy going way. I think it is amazing that two little girls who look a lot alike and often like the same thing can have two of the most different personalities. Hope that all their love keeps me going through the end of the week. Maybe some of their energy will rub off on me.

And sorry about the rambling post.

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