Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday's Complaints

  • I need the sun to come out. It always puts me in a better mood. It was rainy and cold all day yesterday and overcast today.
  • I have to go into work today which also is crappy because it was supposed to be my last Friday off for awhile. We start new classes next week, and there is a class on Friday nights which means I have to work.
  • Little s has cried off and on since 4:30 am. I can not figure out anything that is wrong with her. Maybe she is just in the funk that I am in.
  • My "w" key isn't working so well on my laptop. I have to hit it repeatedly to get it to work. It is frustrating.
  • The dishes are piled to the top of the sink and little s threw her cereal all over the floor this morning. I have no desire to clean either of them, and I think the dog took care of most of the cereal mess.
  • I bought a shirt at Macy's last week, and I want to take it back. But of course I can not find the receipt. I have torn my purse, diaper bag, car and enormous stack of papers on my counter apart looking for it. No such luck. So I guess I have to keep the shirt.
  • I really need to go to the post office today. Have I ever mentioned how I hate that place?

On a happy note, Little s keeps telling me, "I go potty, poop - potty, help potty." I put her on the potty when she tells me these things, but nothing has happened yet. I don't think that she really has made a connection between what she is saying and actually going potty. More than likely she is repeating what she has heard over the last year with Miss L. But a mom can hope that this one is going to be easy right?

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manic mariah said...

Well, the sun is out here in CA and it's NOT helping my mood at all.

This is insane mama speaking to you. And this is my new blog