Friday, October 24, 2008

October Blog Picks

I wish I had something good for you. Really I do, but I am sitting here at work watching the minutes slowly tick down until I can leave. I am really bored. I thought I would share some links with you. I really should think about setting up a blog roll or something, but that is just some work that I am too lazy to do . These are just a few blogs that I check into everyday. Usually because of their humor, but some have me on pins and needles wanting to know what life is going to hand them next. These are blogs that my heart rate speeds up when I open reader to find new posts. Hope you enjoy.

Ashley's Closet - Not for the cover your ears, she just said a bad word type people. Don't say I didn't warn you.
MckMamma and her Many Small Children
Ravings of a Mad Housewife
Scary Mommy
AFRo - I think I have mentioned my love for her before. This might be teetering on a girl crush.
Four Silly Sisters - I really have no idea how she does it.
Happy Meals & Happy Hour - I have had to wipe my computer screen off a few times. Warning, do not consume beverages when reading.
Motherhood Uncensored - She tells it like it is.
The Pink Teapot - Because we all can use a little etiquette fresher upper once in awhile.

So what do you have for me? I have shared some of my favorites. Help me out, give me some new, cool people to check out when I am bored at work. Then maybe I can show them some love in November.

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MaryBeth said...

Hi Lauren, I was reading my Google Alerts today and saw where you'd linked to us. Very cool! I am excited to be one of your daily clicks in the blogosphere. As to how I do it, I am certainly not doing it alone... I have lots of family and friends nearby who help out tons, and I'll post about another new trick for saving my sanity soon on the blog. Your girls are adorable. I wish I could get even one of mine to wear cute, fashionable hairbows, but NOOOOO they want to do their own hair these days, and as you can tell in all the photos 'it ain't pretty'. Thanks again for reading!