Saturday, October 25, 2008

New Specs for Miss L

Could this be the face of a three year old who really needed glasses? What kind of crazy mom would get their child bright red, too big, silly glasses, especially with the price of real glass?

Not my sweet girl and not this mom.

I ran out of contacts a few weeks ago. I have not made it around to getting new ones yet, so I have been wearing my glasses. Some one else thinks they need to wear glasses to see all the time now too. This precious girl was wearing her sunglasses all the time. No matter where we were. Inside, outside, everywhere. I knew it really had to be hard for her to see in these sunglasses, but she insisted that she could not see without them. Today, we finally broke down and bought her some "real" glasses. There was not much of a selection of "real" glasses to fit a three year old. The whole thing is pretty funny, so I figured that we would just get the red ones. At least the $10 "real" glasses are getting their moneys worth in entertainment value for the adults in her life.

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