Thursday, October 2, 2008

Trying to Get Out of the House

Today was the first day this week I have ventured out of the house with the girls by myself. Pathetic I know. But we really haven't had to many places to go. It seems the less we go out, the crazier it is to get out of the house.
We had a slow start this morning. I don't function well before 8 am. Once I got moving, I gave the girls a bath and got them dressed. Of course this involved consoling Miss L the entire time over a little scratch which her over dramatic, princess-like self made sound like her leg was broken. I stuck little s in the highchair with some dry cereal while Miss L sat at the table eating a pop tart while I jumped in the shower. I got out to find red sticky stuff on little s's shirt. So that involved a shirt and hair bow change. We were only going to Target for 3 things, but I was already worn out. I had promised the girls if they were good we would grab some food and eat at the park. As I am making juice cups, I hear Miss L dumping every basket of toys out in the living room. Sometimes I wonder why I even try to pick those up. I was frustrated and little s was running crazy around the house. I finally caught her as she sat on top of the recycling tub. We headed to the car. And I will not even lie. I buckled them in their car seats and put my makeup on in the car just so they couldn't get into anything else. Target wasn't too bad. We got Taco Bell and went to the park. The girls hardly ate, because who wants to eat when the slides and swings are calling your name. I will leave you with a few pics from the park the other night. Like I really remembered the camera today and besides you wouldn't want to see pictures of my kids with another little girl since she clung to them as her parents and grandma sat on a bench and cursed like sailors.

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sandy said...

I'm glad to know that I am not alone. Leaving the house makes me so crazy sometimes that I am surprised we go anywhere at all.