Monday, December 1, 2008

I am in shock tonight. My co-worker, the one I have shared an office with for the last 3 years, was diagnosed with cancer last week. Lung cancer that was not present in August but has already spread to her spine, shoulder, neck and brain. I really have no words. My heart is heavy, and I can not get this entire situation out of my head.


sandy said...

How terrible! I'll say a prayer for her and you too:(

Perksofbeingme said...

I understand how you feel. I lost a good friend to leukemia earlier this year (she was 19) and I have another friend (17) who was diagnosed a few months ago. Cancer is not something fun, it's not pretty, it's not kind. Cancer is sneaky, evil, and ugly. But know that I completely understand the feeling of a heavy heart and how it's always on your mind no matter what you try. If you ever want to talk, I'll listen. Even if it's just to scream at how unfair it all is.